NEW: January 9th Deadline to Submit to Staging Our Histories

Do you do history off the page? Do you want to share untold narratives on the stage? We’re looking for dancers, storytellers, musicians, comedians, filmmakers,  playwrights, actors, animators, composers,  puppeteers, students, historians, poets and maybe YOU! 

SUBMIT YOUR PERFORMANCE BY JANUARY 9th, 2015! Until that date, we are happy to accept informal descriptions of your concept for feedback.

Staging Our Histories will select  5 – 10 diverse original performances to be part of our inaugural event in Ottawa (taking place the last week in May/first week of June, 2015). Both individuals and groups/troupes are welcome to submit.

Performances must

  • present original work (script, choreography, etc.) created by the individual or group submitting
  • centre around the themes of history, memory, and/or doing history
  • run 5 to 20 minutes**

**If your performance is better served by a shorter or longer running time, please indicate this in your proposal. Performers are welcome to present an excerpt or selection from a larger work.

Professional and amateur performers are welcome to submit video auditions or written proposals. Performers are encouraged to be reflexive and critically aware of the narratives they create, or to focus on the process of narrating histories itself.

Proposals can be in writing (max 1.5 pages) or video/audio (5 mins max). In your proposal, please outline the subject matter and logistics of your idea, your performance style of choice, the estimated length of your piece and the equipment/support you would require. To help us make our selections, please also attach your piece (poem, video, script) if possible or a detailed breakdown/description (in the case of choreography etc. if not filmed). Please include the names and contact details of all of your members if you are submitting as a group. 

We understand that our talented performers will likely be practicing, perfecting and reworking their pieces before Spring 2015 and these performances may therefore change and evolve between January and May, but we require a comprehensive idea of what you’ll be bringing to the stage in order to make our selections.

Please send your auditions / proposals to by January 9th, 2015.

Have questions? Between now & the January 9th due date, please feel free to contact us with your questions, or to send informal proposals for feedback. & Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We look forward to taking your stories to the stage!


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