About Us

Many people associate history largely with the archive or the classroom, but some of the most compelling ways we share our stories, both traditionally and unconventionally, are creative, performative, and live. We are surrounded by popular representations of history in film, music, theatre and other performative mediums. Yet somehow these representations of history are often dismissed as less authentic or trustworthy than written histories. Staging Our Histories is a non-profit group dedicated to coordinating not-for-profit events that take history ‘off the page.’

Staging Our Histories aims to change our assumptions about whose histories we accept and whose we dismiss because of the way they are told. Showcasing thoughtful and vibrant representations of history, our collaborating artists illustrate the powerful ways in which performances and history ‘off the page’ can explore individual and cultural memory. From films to storytelling to dance (and everything in between and beyond), these performances present alternative ways of knowing and sharing history, challenging accepted narratives and shedding light on little-known stories, ranging from the personal to the collective.

Our objective is to bring artists and heritage performers together for public performances and events, such as workshops, exhibitions, and film screenings. Staging Our Histories celebrates local public history, while fostering broader collaborative networks and engagement between artists and communities.

Meet the people behind Staging Our Histories

co-directors-portraitPerformers (Goderich 2016), (Ottawa 2015); (Bangalore 2016)

Arpita Bajpeyi, Co-Director

Sinead Cox, Co-Director

Marie-Anne Gagnon, Co-Founder

 Christina Parsons, Logistics Coordinator