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February 5, 2019 via Active History: 

Today, we are pleased to announce our support for Matthew Hayes’s podcast project South Mountain and Arpita Bajpeyi and Sinead Cox’s Staging our Histories.

FCTFebruary 10, 2018 via the Forum on Contemporary Theory, Baroda, India: 

Sinead Cox and Arpita Bajpeyi delivered an engaging workshop as part of the Studies in Performing Arts and Embodiments initiative at FCT.  Staging our Histories, the collective that they formed in Canada along with Marie-Anne Gagnon, was born out of a desire to change ‘our assumptions about whose histories we accept and whose we dismiss because of the way they are told’. Their work showcases ‘thoughtful and vibrant representations of history, our collaborating artists illustrate the powerful ways in which performances and history ‘off the page’ can explore individual and cultural memory.’


July 19, 2017 via Carleton University:

Between June 4-9, the International Federation for Public History (IFPH) held its 4th Annual Conference at the University of Bologna’s campus in Ravenna, Italy…Among the more than 400 participants were former Carleton public history MA students Arpita BajpeyiSinead Cox, and Marie-Anne Gagnon who gave a wonderfully scripted three-person presentation “Two Years of History Off the Page: Performances of the Past in Conversation” drawing on their experiences as co-directors of Staging our Histories.

Oct. 11, 2016 via CKNX News

Cox explains the Staging Our Histories group was formed by four graduates of the Public History program at Carleton University who shared a common interested in presenting not-so-common historical events on stage

October 5th, 2016 via The Bayfield Breeze

Staging Our Histories co-director Arpita Bajpeyi said, “We’re thrilled to be joined by returning artists and new local talent as we enter our second year. With our open call for performances, it was a priority for us to engage with the local community. We wanted to feature voices telling stories from Huron County, and the range of experiences they embody.”

July 3rd, 2016 via CKNX News: 

The group is called Staging Our Histories, and they’re specifically looking for people with stories about Huron County, but can also suggest a unique way of telling that story through song, or dance or film or poetry, or any other medium they choose.

June 15th, 2016 via the Bayfield Breeze:

Fellow co-director Arpita Bajpeyi emphasized the power of performance in creating an understanding between artists and audience that brings those stories to life: “We hope that these pieces help to start or further dialogues about how our shared and interconnected histories affect us today.”

June 15th, 2016 via the Goderich Signal Star: 

Taking the past off the page and onto the stage, Staging Our Histories: Unharvested Histories will be a showcase for artists of different styles, backgrounds and perspectives.

June 1st, 2016 via the Goderich Signal Star

The IODE Maple Leaf Chapter donates $3,000 each spring and fall to local organizations…The 2016 spring donations were given to: Healthy Hearts, Bayfield Agricultural Society, Alzheimer Society of Huron County, Goderich Minor Baseball, Mitchell Minor Sports and Staging Our Histories.

December 3rd, 2015 via Active History

Eschewing the traditional keynote lecture format, the organizers of the conference invited Staging Our Histories to present a series of one-woman plays, each written and choreographed by its actor. Staging Our Histories has its roots in David Dean’s graduate seminars at the Carleton Centre for Public History in Ottawa, Ontario. By reaching beyond textual, archival, and museum media, the five performances powerfully expanded the window of possibility for historical work.

October 5th, 2015 via Active History

Moving performances by indigenous activist and radio-show host Mary Lou Smoke[1], as well as Staging Our Histories made the past few days at Huron University College truly unforgettable.

June 8th, 2015 via Blackburn News

Cox and two of her classmates spent a year developing a production called ‘Staging Our Histories’ in which historical events were enacted through poetry, dance, music, theatre or film.

She explains their objective was to bring the arts community together with fans of the theatre, fans of history and the academic community.

April 28th, 2015 via the National Council on Public History:

“Staging Our Histories: History (a)Live: Pasts off the Page & on the Stage” – May 31, 2015

April 22nd, 2015 via Carleton University’s Department of History:

Hosted by the CBC’s Adrian Harewood, Staging Our Histories spotlights eight artists as they creatively employ film, theatre, poetry and storytelling to examine the ways in which we both remember and forget the past.

April 7th, 2015 via Canadian Historical Association:

Eight powerful stories told via film, theatre, poetry and oral storytelling will illuminate the past and its impact on the present for one evening in Ottawa. At Staging Our Histories, creative storytelling will bring the origins of a local landmark to life, film and theatre will investigate the memories contained in a grandmother’s home remedies, and poetry will express the lived experience of colonial legacies, among other performances. 

Le temps d’une soirée à Ottawa, huit remarquables histoires racontées par le cinéma, le théâtre, la poésie et le conte feront lumière sur le passé et son impact sur le présent.

À l’occasion de Staging Our Histories, un conte créatif donnera vie aux origines d’un lieu historique local, le cinéma et le théâtre exploreront les souvenirs gardés par les remèdes de grand-mères, la poésie exprimera l’expérience vécue des conséquences du colonialisme, et plus encore.

Jan. 13th, 2015 via On Stage: Ottawa’s Theatre Arts Magazine:

Three Carleton grads have co-founded a new event that explores the convergence of history and the performing arts. Arpita Bajpeyi, Sinead Cox and Marie-Anne Gagnon are the co-directors of ‘Staging Our Histories,’ a night of diverse performances welcoming submissions from musicians, actors, storytellers, academics, dancers, filmmakers and poets who choose to share history off the page and on the stage.

Oct. 30th, 2014 via Carleton FASS:

[Arpita] Bajpeyi, along with fellow Narrativity and Performance students Sinead Cox, and Marie-Anne Gagnon have organized a public event titled Staging Our Histories, which will take their classroom experience to another level and to a wider audience. ‘The power and emotive force of the performances the class shared with each other is what inspired Staging Our Histories,’ said Bajpeyi. ‘That was the real experience that David’s class offered us. I think we were all blown out of the water with what we saw and experienced with each individual performance. Until that day, I hadn’t realized the immense potential that performative mediums offered the humanities.’


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